Ghosts of the Past and Future

All the members of the group made it to Gilstan and the Golden Raven Inn in time for a late lunch on the 18th of Full Bloom. As they sat around the table Copper graciously offered to buy them all a drink. Hao Shu chose tea; Jin stuck with a tall glass of water; Terios, perhaps due to some influence of the Minotaur invasion of the Silvanesti forests chose elven wine; Visha also chose elven wine; Xena simply stated Ale and Copper not know what strength exactly she wanted chose for her something called Hammerfast Export, to which many eyes in the place fell on the Genasi as she drank it straight down without much of a rest in between drafts. Soon after catchin up with one another they were approached by Garan Silverfox, a human storyteller looking for material to place in his book about adventurers and he offered them a reasonable sum for their stories and permission to use their images; an offer which four of them excepted with Hao Shu pleading modesty and Visha simply stated that no one would be interested. Soon after, Xena now on her third Hammerfast Export,the group was approached by Alexandra who asked them to change seats as the table they were sitting at was haunted and the ghost was due along any moment. The group was very happy to oblige but, as they were packing up their things to move the ghost made its appearance. It appeared a pale reflection of a warforged whom had been known as Onyx during his lifetime. The ghost stated simply that they must hurry as the fort was being overrun and were in desperate need of reinforcement. At this point a large stone scroll case fell on Jin’s toe and Onyx faded away. Copper opened the scroll case and found within a map showing the location of Fort Fire Opal and remembered upon seeing the map and the forts proximity to the dwarven town of Hammerfast that the adventurer’s guild had a job advertised to escort a caravan travelling in that direction. Working for Garwin Goldspinner, a name familiar to Hao Shu, to help him and some greenhorn dwarven hammerers escort a batch of Hydra blood (a key ingredient for healing potions) to the city of Hammerfast. The adventurer’s decided to take up this escorting duty and set out the next morning with Jin and Hao Shu taking point in front of the caravan. Three days of boring uneventful travel on well defended and well maintained roads later they arrived in Inzerta and the tavern/inn called the Hog’s Head. They split themselves and the dwarven greenhorns into 6 shifts and kept watch during the night. As the evening moved on the night grew first chilly then frigid and back to chilly again, unfortunately, some of the party were not adequately prepared for this and felt the chill more than the others (losing a healing surge). In the morning they discovered one of the greenhorns had disappeared. They attempted to track him in the mud without much success but, did get a clue from via Copper’s intimidation of guards at the gate. Apparently, the missing greenhorn bribed one of them to allow him through to the otherside on the pretense that he had a fiancee on that side of the town. A fiancee that none of his companions were aware of for they held no additional knowledge. It was decided that the loss of one guard wasn’t going to have a particularly negative affect on the outcome of the mission and that the group should set off in order to get ahead of some bad weather that Jin had detected. Thus the group was well on it’s way when a blizzard struck out of nowhere and caused a terrible confusion on them all. They stumbled about for a little while and got turned around a few times but, eventually they used the combined strength of the two women to plow a path through the accumlating snow drifts and Terios was able to note that some of the effects of the Blizzard were in fact illusory. Unfortunately, none of this managed to forewarn the group of the impending ambush and just as they cleared the edge of the blizzard they were set upon by orcs and ogres of Clan Karruck.



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