The Beginning of Things

It is All God’s the 18th of Full Bloom and our heroes will shortly be gathering at the Golden Raven Inn in the Independent City State of Gilstan. Three years ago they had all gone their separate ways, to accomplish individual goals and find new friends and companions. Some of them will be returning scarred by their experiences, others with a new found confidence. Jin now knows that there are others of his kind somewhere in the world but, will he see this as new hope or loss of his uniqueness. Will Copper who has spent three futile years searching for fellow warforged be jealous of what Jin has discovered or will it seemly renew his determination? Will Telios spread the word of Erik far enough and wide enough to truly earn D’Erik’s respect or is he just using his religion as an excuse to escape serving in the army of his home nation? What of the still mysterious Hao Shu? Will he confess to Visha the true nature of her family or will he allow her to live in ignorance? Can Xena as talented as she is really rid the world of undead? What does Vecna think of her quest or are is he too busy celebrating the unbalancing of the pantheon to care about the affairs of mere living flesh?



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