Alendar Evalie – Dour twin brother of Alexandra and co-owner of the Golden Raven Inn in Gilstan

Alendar Ironbeard – Gruff but, good king of Tazmyr with connections in both Gilstan and Port Ryard

Alexandra Evalie – Bright and cheerful twin sister of Alendar. Co-owner and proprietor of the Golden Raven Inn in Gilstan

Belgrin the Magestic – Xena’s first tutor in magic. A hydromancer of considerable skill who leads the White Robes.

Hakan Hardbargain – A shopkeeper recently taken up residence in Gilstan. Providing fine goods and provisions to many an adventurer.

Lord Sean Sharpsword – Lord Mayor of the Independent City State of Gilstan. A true and just warrior and leader of men.

Molka – Quickwitted street kid eeking out an existence in Port Ryard

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